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Hi! I’m Nicolas – full stack software engineer based in France. My main areas of interest are developer tools and exploring the bridges between programming languages. I also love maths and eating baozi.

What I do

Lots of my professional experiences revolve around softwares written for the physical world industries such as Aerospace and Defense. In my current job, I maintain a web application connected to devices that measure indoor air quality in real time.

I always try to code in the language the most suitable for each project, regardless of my current knowledge and preferences. I am most experienced in Python and Java, but in my free time I favor functional languages such as Erlang/Elixir/OTP, Racket and OCaml/ReasonML.

I recently started getting involved in open-source projects. I love tweaking my neovim config, and I spend lots of my time learning about the new technology and business trends.

My values

I am the no bullshit type. Solid code and transparency are what matters to me. I measure quality by customer satisfaction. I don’t hesitate asking questions - I do it happily as part of team work.

My fuel is passion. I enjoy the most working on meaningful and ambitious projects.

Why Baozi?

Because it is so damn tasty! What a question! And also because it appears simple but it is internally extremely complex like all pieces of software ;).

I can help

Interested in working with me? I am available remotely or in Paris for any exciting open-source work. Shoot me a message!